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NPB101L Practical Review

Local metabolites build up that cause vasodilaon part

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Unformatted text preview: elera&ng endolymph now moving faster than body due to iner&a and hair cells bend in opposite direc&on of accelera&on (B) Nystagmus Experiment Rapid Eye Movement Slow Eye Movement WITH SPIN OPPOSITE SPIN Slow spin, eyes open Eyes closed, head WITH SPIN OPPOSITE SPIN o forward 30 UP/OPPOSITE Eyes closed, head DOWN/WITH SPIN toward le` shoulder SPIN Lab 4 – The Human Cardiovascular System Physiology 1.  Blood presure, MAP, central venous pressure, microcircula&on 2.  Vasodila&on, vasoconstric&on, Baroreceptor reflex, Sympathe&c and Parasympathe&c nervous system 3.  Ac&ve hyperemia, Reac&ve Hyperemia, local metabolites 4.  Dive Reflex 5.  Parts of the ECG 6.  Calcula&ons of MAP, CO, SV, HR, TPR, BP Experiments Part 1: Blood Pressure Measurements •  Korotkov sounds: SYSTOLIC...
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