NPB101L Practical Review

Temporal summation able to re many aps during a single

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Unformatted text preview: more α- motor neurons to cause contrac&on “SPATIAL SUMMATION” •  In lab larger α- MNs recruited first because they have a lower resistance to direct s&mula&on (opposite Henneman size principle) Part 2: Effect of an increase in s&mulus FREQUENCY •  Increase in s&mulus frequency will cause an INCREASE __________ in muscle tension WHY? •  TEMPORAL SUMMATION •  Able to fire many APs during a single contrac&on •  Muscle fibers not able to fully relax and tensions sum together •  APs cause an increase of [Ca] in the cytosol allowing for the longer dura&on of cross- bridge cycling Part 3: Effect of Tubocurare •  Tubocurare will ABOLISH/DECREASE ___________________ tension when s&mula&ng the scia&c nerve WHY? •  Tubocurare...
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