NPB101L Practical Review

Vesbulo ocular reex vesbular system hair cells

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Unformatted text preview: is a compe&&ve inhibitor of the nAChR, compe&ng with ACh for receptor binding site.   Opening of the nAChR is necessary for the • depolariza&on of the muscle cell •  No depolariza&on - > no increase in Calcium - > no contrac&on Part 4: Effect of Direct S&mula&on •  A`er Tubocurare, direct s&mula&on of the muscle will elicit contrac&ons WHY? By directly causing the depolariza&on of the muscle cell, we bypass the need for the opening of the nAChR. Lab 3 – Human Reflexes Physiology 1.  Components of the Reflex Arc 2.  H- Reflex (H- wave, M- wave), motor neurons, Renshaw Cells, an&dromic and orthodromic ac&on poten&als, refractory period 3.  Ves&bulo- ocular reflex, ves&bular system, hair cells, nystagmus, optokine&c reflex 4.  Monosynap&c vs polysynap&c reflexe...
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