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“Rehabilitate or Punish?” Drew Bedurah November 27, 2007 Enc 1101 OC # 4
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“In part, the prison was the humane answer to the criminal. Hanging a man for stealing a spoon… seemed immoral,” is a way Francis Murphy defines prison. Prisons are a part of our society. We face a problem though. Today we find that incarcerating prisoners is the fastest expense faced by elected officials, we also find that 868 out of every 100,000 Americans get arrested compared to 100 per 100,000 Europeans and 47 per 100,000 Japanese (Califano). With these growing arrests we have two options either build more prisons to punish the lawbreakers or to find a way to rehabilitate current prisoners to lessen their chance of being put back into the prison system. There are strong arguments on both sides of this issue but our nations leaders need to pick one of the two because the problem isn’t going away on it’s own. Humans have free will. They control what they want or do not want to do. As said by Charles Logan, “felonies are wrong and controllable acts and those who commit them will be punished.” It is not our tax-paying money to solve people’s problems rather to punish them for what they did wrong. Punishments for prisoners need to be firm, just, and
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arg - "Rehabilitate or Punish Drew Bedurah Enc 1101 OC 4"In...

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