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I. Introduction: (Presenting the issue) A. Define Prison i. “In part, the prison was the humane answer to the criminal. Hanging a man for stealing a spoon… seemed immoral,” is a way Francis Murphy defines prison. ii. A building to which people are committed as punishment for crimes they have committed. B. The Problem i. Today we find that incarcerating prisoners is the fastest expense faced by elected officials. ii. 868 out of every 100,000 Americans get arrested compared to 100 per 100,000 Europeans and 47 per 100,000 Japanese C. Our options i. Continue to do as we have been doing by solely punishing prisoners. Make the punishment firmer. And build more prisons to house all these inmates. ii. To find a way to rehabilitate current prisoners to lessen their chance of being put back into the prison system D. Arguments for both are strong but we must come to a solution. II. What they say: A. The power to choose and its punishment. i.
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arg spch - I. Introduction: (Presenting the issue) A....

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