1 mechanisms and protocols example udp reliable

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Unformatted text preview: port service requirements, 5.1 mechanisms and protocols, Example: UDP Reliable, higher-overhead, higher-latency and reliable transport service requirements, 5.2 mechanisms and protocols, Example TCP Inside the TCP 5.2 More on TCP, Variants and Alternatives 5.2 Remote execution services, mechanisms and protocols, Examples: RPC 5.3 Transport requirements, services, mechanisms and protocols for Real-Time 5.4 Applications, Examples: RTP, RTCP Inside the RTP and RTCP, Alternatives, SCTP 5.4 Concept Summarization and discussions, part-3 Slide-set-3 Requirements of the underlying support infrastructure that would allow required 3.0, 3.2 transport protocols to function: Internetworking, Routing and Switching Internetworking requirements, services, mechanisms and protocols, Examples: IP(v4), 3.2 ICMP, IGMP, IPv6, ICMPv6 Inside the IP(v4), ICMP, IGMP, IPv6, ICMPv6 3.2 Routing requirements, services, constraints, mechanisms and protocols, Examples: RIP 3.3 (Distance Vector routing), OSPF (Link-State routing...
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