Networks and network types may involve single or

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Unformatted text preview:   Irregular Topology •  Complete Topology (c) Dr. Rahul Banerjee, BITS, Pilani, India 20 •  •  •  Networks: –  A set of autonomous compute/communicaPon nodes interconnected for the purpose of meaningful resource sharing, require supporPng protocol stacks, not transparent to the users Clusters –  Homogeneous (pla[orm / OS), all involved nodes o]en belong to a single enPty and frequently designed for high- performance compuPng, may be limited to one or more racks within the same room (example: HPC clusters), easiest to deploy and manage Grids –  O]en heterogeneous (pla[orm / OS), Frequently spread over mulPple networks and network types, may involve single or mulPple organizaPons, require greater effort in deployment and administraPon Clouds –  May be public, private and hybrid, support mulPple levels of abstracPons / virtualizaPon, typically spread over wide areas, expected to be transparent to the user, offer the highest levels of redundancy / availability, January 21, 2013 •  (c) Dr. Rahul Banerjee, BITS Pilani , INDIA Of Clusters, Grids and Clouds – A brief introducPon January 21, 2013 •  VirtualizaPon is the underlying common technology involved in all the three paradigms •  Networking is the key enabler ingredient in each of these cases •  Cost- effecPveness, robustness and scalability improve as we move from cluster to cloud but overheads and internal complexity add up (c) Dr. Rahul Banerjee, BITS Pilani , INDIA A few points of significance –  Public Clouds (mulP- tenancy, wide variaPons, mulP- service, on- demand capacity addiPon a common feature) –  Private Clouds (single tenancy, limited variaPons, higher capital investments, greater control, more secure) –  Hybrid Clouds (near- opPmal best of both worlds, if configured well) •  Types of Clouds: ClassificaPon- 2 <basis: device virtualizaPon> –  Infrastructure Cloud, ComputaPonal Cloud etc. •  Types of...
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