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He states russias earlyaugust entry into the war

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Unformatted text preview: hile this hypothetical situation may have played out in different ways, Mearsheimer’s theory behind it remains sound. Because of the looming threat that the Soviet Union posed to the United States and the other Western States, President Truman decided to demonstrate the tremendous power of the atomic bomb in order to prevent further escalation of open conflict between these two superpowers. If he had decided not to use the bombs, the last seventy years would have played out very differently. In the worst case scenario, nuclear deterrence would not have developed to prevent the use of atomic bombs and these nations would have used them, regardless of the drastic consequences that would have followed. While the casualties of World War II and the threat posed by the Russians were more than enough reason to drop the atomic bombs on Japan, many argue against President Truman’s decision for moral and ethical reasons. The most prominent of these arguments is that most of the people killed by these bombs were civilians. This argument was already addressed earlier by stating that these civilians were preparing to fight and die in defense of their country, depriving them of their citizen status. One testimony even claims that elderly women were training in the use of bamboo spears, due to the lack of weapons and equipment available (Goodheart 138). A leader in the argument against the use of nuclear weapons is Gar Alperovitz. The main arguments provided by Alperovitz assert that the neither dropping the atomic nor the invasion of Japan was necessary to provoke the Japanese surrender. He claims that Japanese leaders were waiting for an excuse to convince the Army to surrender. He states, “Russia’s early ­August entry into the...
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