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Unformatted text preview: with the Soviet Union. Dropping the bomb prevented the Russian invasion on Manchuria, keeping the Soviets from staking any claim in the peace negotiations and preventing an “iron ­curtain” situation from evolving in Asia, although this did not prevent the spread of communism in the region, as shown by China’s conversion in 1949. However, The atomic bombs showed the Soviets that they should be careful how they choose to expand their influence in the coming years, leading to the Cold War. The key element that works side ­by ­side with the atomic bomb is fear. Without demonstrating the awe striking power of the bomb, the concept of nuclear deterrence would never have emerged. In this way, the past seventy years would not have been shaped by the bomb as clearly as it was through the Cold War. Without the fear provided by the bomb, it is very possible that war may have erupted between Great Powers, specifically between the U.S. and Soviet Union. Because it is difficult to judge what nations would have done in hypothetical situations and there is no real way of knowing what would have occurred if the U.S. had not drop the atomic bombs, I will turn to political theory to deduce what may have occurred. Following the realist theories provided by John Mearsheimer in his book, The Tragedy of Great Power Politics, a war between the United States and the Soviet Union would have been inevitable without the concept of nuclear deterrence keeping the peace for fifty years until the Soviet Union’s collapse. Mearsheimer’s theory states that countries will do whatever they can to increase their relative power in the world in order to become a hegemon. Indeed, the circumstances that these two superpowers found themselves in at the end of World War II yielded high potential for maximizing global influence and power. The only ob...
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