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The japanese had fought too hard over the territory

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Unformatted text preview: t to protect the people. President Truman’s first responsibility is to his soldiers and he made the right decision on their behalf. Opponents of the use of the atomic bomb assert that the Japanese were only a few months from surrender and that neither the invasion nor the bombs were necessary. To this argument, the tenacity and tremendous nationalism displayed in the various firsthand testimonies of American soldiers should provide all the necessary evidence to the contrary. As previously stated, many of the men who were preparing to invade had already resigned to their fates, as Private Sledge describes, “Due to the strong beach defenses, caves, tunnels, and numerous Jap suicide torpedo boats… we viewed the invasion with complete resignation that we would be killed— either on the beach or inland” (Fussell 17). The Japanese had fought too hard over the territory that they had already conquered to give up as soon as the Allies reached the mainland. To think that they would not defend the mainland with even more vigor is blind to the culture of Japan at the time. Considering only the elements of war, the U.S. government was predicted to exhaust immense casualties to secure the Japanese mainland. They were expected to have to fight soldiers and citizens alike, racking the death toll higher than the quarter million dead from the atomic bombs. Considering the military aspects alone, President Truman’s decision to drop the atomic bombs was justified. Any method that could have been used to limit loss of American loss would have been acceptable, given the war ­fatigue in 1945. The fact that these bombs prevented an entire invasion made the idea even more appealing for the sake of the American people and its soldiers. Another key factor in dropping the atomic bomb was the growing tension...
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