Bio Lab Quiz - BIOL 1510 Quiz 3 Your Name :_ By signing...

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BIOL 1510 Quiz 3 Your Name :___________________________ By signing your name above, you agree that you have neither given nor received unauthorized help on this assignment, and you are agree that you are abiding by the Georgia Tech Honor Code. T.A. Name: ___________________________ Lab section: ___________________________ This quiz should take no more than 15 minutes. Clearly mark your answers on this answer sheet. Ambiguous and vague answers will NOT be counted as correct. 1. In the year 2005, the moose population on a remote Lake Superior island declined sharply. But the numbers of the moose's only predators - wolves (that could prey only on the weak moose) - were holding steady, according to the figures from what may be the longest running study of any predator-prey system in the world. A young budding scientist wanted to study this peculiar predator prey behavior of the wolves and the moose and hence decided to spend some time in the wilderness. He set himself at a distance from a herd of moose and video-taped their behavior over a period of time. After a couple of months, the tapes were reviewed and it was seen that the moose numbers dwindled rapidly but the population of wolves remained more or less stable. Further investigation showed that there was a real abundance of moose ticks during the last t h r e e y e a r s . ( Total 5 points ) TAs: CHOOSE ANY TWO FROM QUESTIONS (a) TO (c): TAs: THEN REARRANGE THE NUMBERING: a. How did the Tick population affect the Moose population? ( 1 point ) The population of ticks caused a decrease in the numbers of moose. b. What role did the Ticks play in this Predator – Prey scenario? ( 1 point ) The ticks play the role as parasite to the moose in this scenario. c.
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Bio Lab Quiz - BIOL 1510 Quiz 3 Your Name :_ By signing...

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