Anthro 2 - Falsh Cards

Anthro 2 - Falsh Cards - Sheet1 Page 1 Ch 1,2,5,6 hominidae...

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Unformatted text preview: Sheet1 Page 1 Ch 1,2,5,6 hominidae - taxonomic family to which humans and other extinct bipedal relatives belong to primates - members of the order primates which include prosimians, monkeys, apes, and humans worldview - general cultural orientation or perspective shared by members of a society behavior - response to external or internal stimuli biocultural evolution - mutual interactive evolution of human biology and culture, eg. our culture affects how we evolve anthropology - field that studies human culture and evolutionary aspect of human biology (includes cultural anth ethnographies - detailed descriptive studies of human societies (an ethnography is typically the study of a non-W paleoanthropology - interdisciplinary approach to the study of early hominids (their cronology, physical structure, ar primate paleontology - the study of fossil primates, especially those that lived before the appearance of hominids anthropometry - measurement of human body parts. When osteologists measure skeletal elements, the tern oste sociocultural anthro - study of culture, psychology, and linguistics archaeology - study of cultures with no written record osteology - study of bones paleopathology - study of disease expressed through bones forensic anthro - reconstruction and recreation of biological items of the past evolutionary anatomy/neuroanatomy - provides framework for interpretation of bone structures and compare nervous system applied physical anthro - genetics, biomedical, nutritional studies, fertility, growth, development empirical - relying on observation or experimentation allopatric speciation - speciation due to proximital separation and different conditions force different adaptations and t...
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Anthro 2 - Falsh Cards - Sheet1 Page 1 Ch 1,2,5,6 hominidae...

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