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These targets tell you what success is what

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Unformatted text preview: e targets tell you what success is, what completion of the project is. They need to be SMART: 1 Specific: Clearly defined and precise. Measurable: e.g. not "new computers," but "computers with 2Gb of memory," etc. Attainable: Don't ask for the impossible. Relevant: Is the criterion actually related to the aim of the project? Time-based: Enough time to achieve this. There is no point expecting a year's worth of work in one week! It is important you take some time with the stakeholders in your project to produce this list. The final customer of the project will naturally be very involved, but don't forget your business head - don't promise everything without considering the costs. Your project executive, and a representative of those who will be doing the work, will have major inputs into this also. Finally, you will also need to decide who has the final say over the quality of the outputs. Hopefully your work on defining the quality criteria will mean there are no arguments over the quality (i.e. no qualitative judgements, only quantitative) but you need to make sure you schedule in time and people to do the evaluation work. Resources We have now set down what outputs we need to produce, and what quality they need to be at. This means we are now in a position to look at the resources we will need to achieve this. Resources include staff time, particular knowledge or skill sets, money (e.g. buying equipment), and time (some tasks can't be increased by throwing more people at the problem, e.g. delivery times, setting time for concrete, etc.). Management Structure How are we going to manage the work? You need to describe the general approach to the project here. Who will be the decision makers for the various different streams of work? For example, you may be doing a significant procurement - who makes the decision about what company to buy from? How will we share progress on the project? Who will we share it to? For example, you may decide to have regular project team meetings - who needs...
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