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Outline Last Test - Assignment 12(21 pages Helen Tworkov Zen in America pp 155-176 Maurine Stuart Zen teacher(President of Cambridge Buddhist

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Unformatted text preview: Assignment 12: (21 pages) Helen Tworkov, Zen in America, pp. 155-176 Maurine Stuart- Zen teacher (President of Cambridge Buddhist Association in Cambridge, MA)-Believes that formal practice (zazen) provides a fundamental feeling that “you are based in your own true nature”; doing-Zen is cooking, playing an instrument, etc. it can be anything-Became a “roshi” in 1982 through an informal transmission from Nakagawa Soen was important because Soen was well respected and American transmissions were rare dharma transmission transcends genealogical concerns it’s about the “spirit of Zen”, not the totem-Although deemed a “roshi”, she wanted others to continue connecting with her on a normal level because she was still just a “regular person”-Continually discussed the importance of having women involved in Zen ” Zen lineages had been so exclusively male that by definition female inclusion cannot be traditional, nor could the transmissions”-With the radical new departures from past Zen traditions, she still argued that “true freedom is...
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