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Bio Lab Quiz - BIOL 1510 Quiz 5 Your Name :_ By signing...

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BIOL 1510 Quiz 5 Your Name :___________________________ By signing your name above, you agree that you have neither given nor received unauthorized help on this assignment, and you are agree that you are abiding by the Georgia Tech Honor Code. T.A. Name: ___________________________ Lab section: ___________________________ This quiz should take no more than 15 minutes. Clearly mark your answers on this answer sheet. Ambiguous and vague answers will NOT be counted as correct. 1. (3pts) Buzz was helping his professor carry some structural models of biological molecules to class when he slipped on a banana peel and fell. The models that he was carrying crashed and broke into various pieces. Fortunately there were still some labels on the broken pieces that could help Buzz in his attempt to rebuild the model. Below are the various pieces Buzz recovered… R side chain amino group α carbon carboxyl group phosphate group ribose sugar base hydrogen hydroxyl group a) Pick the 5 components that make up an amino acid and draw the general structure of an amino acid monomer by linking these components together. (2 points) Answer: Side chain side chain α carbon α carbon carbox yl group amino group carboxy l group amino group hydrogen hydrogen
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Graders) 1.5 point for getting all the components correct. Deduct ½ point for each wrong/missing component. Remainder ½ point is for linking them up into correct structure. b) Draw a second identical amino acid monomer next to your earlier drawing and circle the components from the two amino acid monomers which undergo a condensation reaction to form an amino acid dimer. (1 point)
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Bio Lab Quiz - BIOL 1510 Quiz 5 Your Name :_ By signing...

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