02 Matlab and Roots I

Hitmode untilmenuincludeeqnthenselectthisoption

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Unformatted text preview: are equal. If this quantity is negative the roots are complex numbers. 1 1/10/2013 Casio Calculator Note Casio calculators can solve quadratics. Hit Mode until menu include “EQN”. Then select this option. Use the right arrow to move from “Unknowns?” to “Degree?” Enter 2 (a quadratic is a second degree polynomial) Enter values for a, b, and c (hit “=“ after each value) Use the up and down arrows to move between the two solutions. If the roots are complex numbers shift plus “=“ toggles between the real and imaginary parts of each solution. If the roots are real this key combination has no effect. The display does not indicate the roots are real or complex (use shift plus “=“ to find out). At its simplest Matlab is just a high priced calculator Typing an...
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