02 Matlab and Roots I

A1234 a 12 34 b5612 b 56 12 abmatrixmultiplication ans

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Unformatted text preview: e. See p66 of Chapra (2nd ed), p74 of Chapra (3rd ed), or p470 of Gilat 5 1/10/2013 Creating a Plot Suppose that we would like a plot showing the area of the room vs its width. >> figure(1); % the plot will be “Fig 1” >> width = linspace(0, 10, 50); >> area = width .* (width + 4); >> plot (width, area); >> xlabel ('Room width (metres)'); >> ylabel ('Room area (square metres)'); >> grid on; width is a vector containing 50 equally spaced values between 0 and 10 area is also a 50 element vector. It is created by performing operations upon vector width. The dot indicates “element by element ” multiplication. The plot command creates an x‐y plot using the values in width as the x values and t...
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