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Disco and Funk Notes

Disco and Funk Notes - b Strong horn section c Motown 4...

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. Disco & Funk A. Principles 1. Emphasis on production 2. About dancing, cocaine 3. Little performance 4. Antithesis of punk 5. Emphasis on rhythm & syncopation – lots of poly-rhythms 6. Guitar and keyboards find niches and form collective fabric 7. Horns used very melodically 8. Vocals very loose, lots of screams and noises, just part of the fabric 9. ABA form B. James Brown 1. Repeated riffs 2. Minimal chord changes 3. “Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag” – 12 bar blues C. Sly and the Family Stone 1. Uses Motown 4 Beat Pattern a lot D. Street Funk a. Strong bass lines
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Unformatted text preview: b. Strong horn section c. Motown 4 Beat Pattern is emphasized d. Minimal rate of harmonic change e. Party atmosphere – records background noises f. Carnival noises (sirens, whistles, etc) E. Kool and the Gang 1. Somewhat disco oriented by started as Street Funk a. No aim of being commercialized F. Earth, Wind and Fire 1. African rhythmic core 2. “Get Away” G. Parliament 1. Use of multiple synthesizers 2. Science Fiction H. Sly and the Family Stone 1. Civil rights idea 2. Interracial, international, mixed gender...
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