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Folk Notes - 1 Tom Dooley 2 Apolitically focused E Woody...

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A. Principles 1. Music of the people as a whole 2. Melodies easily remembered and sung 3. Lyrics imperfect grammatically but from the heart 4. Songs were means of spreading news 5. Big in show business 6. Left wing – socially conscious B. Bob Dylan 1. Among most respected folksingers by 1964 2. Songs became focused on feelings and attempts to understand the world 3. Personal, poetic lyrics 4. Poster chills for 1960’s folk revival 5. Added most political awareness 6. Collapsed boundaries between folk and rock/folk and country 7. Signed by John Hanman Sr. – Colombia Records in 1962 8. New Port Folk Festival 9. Toured with Joan Baez 10. 1965 – Dylan goes electric, negative public response C. David Bowie 1. “Space Oddity” 2. Changed characters with every album, unlike Alice Cooper 3. Adopted stage persona that pushed sexual and gender boundaries D. Kingston Trio
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Unformatted text preview: 1. Tom Dooley 2. Apolitically focused E. Woody Guthrie 1. Icon for folk music 2. Songs are reflections of observations 3. Blue collar working class F. Joan Baez 1. New Port Folk Festival 1959 2. Purist – acoustic guitar G. Greenwich Village 1. 1958 2. Hub of folk 3. Village voice H. Singer/Songerwriters 1. Principles a. Self absorbed b. Autobiographical/confessional c. Written themselves under their own names 2. James Taylor a. 1970 –“Sweet Baby James” b. First great “conversationalist” c. “Fire & Rain” – heroin addiction 3. Joni Mitchell a. Half singing half speaking – prose and poetry b. 1971 – 2 sided album – piano & voice and guitar & voice 4. Carole King a. Wrote hundreds of songs for others to perform b. 1970 – “Tapestry” – 14 million albums sold c. Provides insight from feminist perspective...
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Folk Notes - 1 Tom Dooley 2 Apolitically focused E Woody...

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