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October 4, 2007 1900’s – Jazz - New Orleans – Most musically diverse than any city. 3 Opera Houses - Great Exodus – Chicago became the main destination - First jazz recording in 1917 by the Original Dixieland Jazz Band - Second in1923 by Joe King Oliver - 1928 – Louis Armstrong – first scat artist - Transitional era into NYC - Clarinet players switched to sax, first time used as a serious instrument - Duke Ellington had a huge orchestra - Cotton Club in Harlem – white club during prohibition, exploitation of the jungle motif - Arrangements – players needed scores and parts to play - Chick Webb – amazing drummer, took modern drum set and exploded with it (30’s) - Less emphasis on improvisation and syncopation - Kansas City was developing a swing band era Blues - African American folk music - Slaves developed a way of communication in the fields
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Unformatted text preview: - Covert messages about escaping - Not made for entertainment, only meant for expression of emotions Country Blues- Mississippi Delta Blues – birthplace of blues- Rough, heavily textured vocals with accompaniment on guitar or other instrument, one person- Single line guitar, no chords- Robert Johnson- Texas Blues- Vocals are less harsh, guitar is more independent - More chords than single notes- Blind Lemon Jefferson- Piedmont-Virginias, Carolinas, Georgia- Memphis Blues- Synonymous with the blues, more urban- William Christopher Hammy – came up with 12 bar blues, most common grid of blues - Not necessarily country blues- He published the first blues on a mainstream, commercial level- 1909 he wrote “Memphis Blues”- 1920 – “Crazy Blues” – Manny Smith – Cabaret singer who replaced sick blues singer – sold 1 million copies in 6 months...
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