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Unformatted text preview: barrs,, ettc.. Res au an s ba s e c Vendiing machiines Vend ng mach nes IIntterrnett n e ne Ba ck g ro un d 14 Ba ck g ro Selecting Distributors: Considerationsnd u ® Level of service / sales support needed Level service ® Level of retail specialization appropriate to product Level appropriate ® Type of shopper attracted by retailer: ®Price/value shoppers ®Service/quality shoppers ®Affinity shoppers (store’s image appeals to them) ® Organizational structure / complexity ® Ability to control the retailer ® Retailer’s location Retailer’s location ®… 15 Ba ck g Beyond channel intermediaries, logistics can r be ou an important source of competitive advantage nd ®Logistics involves the tasks of planning, Logistics implementing, and controlling the physical flow of materials, final products, information and after-service information ®Examples: Dell, Ikea, Neste, Caterpillar ®Best practice examples: 16 Motivating and Evaluating Retailers ® Attractive dealer margins to create appropriate Attractive margins economic incentives: economic ®Get shelf space ®Get promotional support for your brand ®Dealer pushes most profitable SKUs (next slide) ® Frequent co-op advertising or other trade promotions Frequent trade ® Assist / control / co-own / monitor merchandizing and Assist merchandizing other promotional efforts other ® Minimizing channel conflicts (vertical and horizontal) Minimizing channel...
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