brokerages intermediaries are forced to re think how

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Unformatted text preview: s, Examples: brokerages, eBay... brokerages, ® Intermediaries are forced to re-think how Intermediaries they add value they ® Meeting the unique needs of a segment Meeting is sometimes the answer is 9 Ownership and cooperation Ba ck g ro un d ® Historically, distribution channels have been loose Historically, collections of independent companies, each showing little concern for overall channel performance little ® In response, vertical marketing systems have emerged. In vertical These are channel structures in which producers, wholesalers and retailers act as a unified system. One channel member owns the others, has contracts with owns has contracts them, or has so much power that they all cooperate. power ® Examples: Luxottica, McDonald’s, Subway, Coca Cola 10 Scope of Distribution Ba ck g ro un d Intensive distribution Selective distribution Exclusive distribution 11 Overview slide Strategy Decide on: Number of channel levels Ownership and / or cooperation across channel levels Scope (intensive, selective or exclusive) Tactics Sellecting distributors Seecting distributors Settting up logistics Se ting up logistics Mottivating distributors Mo ivating distributors Evalluating distributors Evauating distributors 12 Selecting Distributors: Types of Store Retailers Ba ck g ro un d Specialty Stores Specialty Stores Narrow product line, deep assortment Narrow product line, deep assortment Department Stores Department Stores Wide v...
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