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art final - Public didn’t like it cause just objects...

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Stonebreakers- Gustav Courbet- 1849-Realism First time looked like picture painting what eye can see Luncheon of the Grass- Eduard Manet- 1863- Impressionism Nude woman very scandalous people knew about it didn’t talk about it Sunrise- Claude Monet- 1873- Impressionism Didn’t look finished like a sketch Mont Sainte- Victoire- Paul Cezanne- 1902/04- Post Impressionism First person to use underlying geometric shapes The Seed of the Areoi- Paul Gaugin- 1892- Post Impressionism Tahiti how he wanted not how it was The Joy of Life- Henri Matisse- 1905/06- Fauvism Liberation of color Les Demoiselles d’Avignon- Pablo Picasso- 1907- Cubism First person to abstract use cubes Black Lines #189- Vasil Kandinsky- 1913- expressionist Get rid of representation of art Bicycle Wheel- Marcell Duchamp- 1912- dada
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Unformatted text preview: Public didn’t like it cause just objects thought made fun of Bauhaus- Walter Gropius- 1919- Modern Architecture Uses steel beams as outside to support led to skyscrapers Carnival of the Harlequin- Joan Miro- 1924/25- Surrealism Making fun of pic on book underlying tones of cheerful sexuality Bird in Space- Brancusi- 1928- abstraction One of the 1 st abstract things Number 1- Jackson Pollock- 1949- abstract expressionists Action painting express feeling thru art Factum II- Robert Rauschenberg- 1957- neo dada Gestures not meant anything at all Target w/ four faces- jasper johns- 1955- neo dada Assembling- technique of creating a sculpture by grouping together distinct element Untitled- Donald Judd- 1969- minimalism Repeating units of simple geometric shape...
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