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But artclefor nstance 40 yards n inen are worth what

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Unformatted text preview: . Its relaTve value may remain constant, although its value varies; and finally, simultaneous variaTons in the magnitude of value and in that of its relaTve expression by no means necessarily correspond in amount.[21]. The Equivalent form of valuee have (Thank you!) LONG BORING SECTION YOU DIDN’T HAVE TO READ The commodity linen manifests its quality of having a value by the fact that the coat, without having assumed a value form different from its bodily form, is equated to the linen. The fact that the laYer therefore has a value is expressed by saying that the coat is directly exchangeable with it. Therefore, when we say that a commodity is in the equivalent form, we express the fact that it is directly exchangeable with other in r ur expression of value, the m he equivalent and t in coat as o the linen, represents value alone.ere as oelaTve value, or the linen as taterial object, coat, he relaTon rtelaTve value, the magnitude of the coat’s value is determined, independently of its value form, by the labour Tme necessary for its producTon. But arTcleFor nstance, 40 yards n inen are worth – what? 2 c osiTon of equivalent, its value acquires no quanTtaTve f equivalent, b the contrary, the commodity c pposed to the linen, as a definite embodiment of v whenever ithe coat assumes iof tlhe equaTon of value, the poats. Because the commodity coat here plays the part oexpression; on ecause the use ­value coat, as ooat now figures only figures as an quanTty of some alue, value.he bodily form of the commodity becomes its value form. But, mark well, that this quid pro quo exists in the case of any commodity B, only when some other commodity A enters into a value relaTon with it, and then only within the limits of this values, will serve o illustrate can s oint. n the relaTon of e a body, is o itself, and thus turn ts weight: but hape into the expression of its town value, e e hat ommodity is c pieces of ron, material substances, as u relaTon. Since no tcommodity this pt...
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