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He has not the least suspicion that the most solutone

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Unformatted text preview: and iA sugar ­loaf being quivalent theavy, and therefore hias own bodily swe can neither see value.ne of his weight. Wvery cwtake various ompelled ito choose some other cbeen se nor touch t he measures t then e apply to commodiTes as whose weight has ommodity property common o both bof manifestaTon of eight. but the c is played by the iron only within he l elaTon, into he a a non ­sugar o pany ron, if both, xpression of the wsocial, etermined, lenters with the ron. Were weight embodied, the form odies, namely their weight; This part oat, in the expression of value of tthis rinen, represents nalogy catural r The iother body, womething purely to be dnamely, their represents ia natural , however, t which the n eases. roperty on the e s hose weight has eight of the sugar ­ oaf, however, t a commodity –f he linen, for example – expresses the value of that commodity, a manifest themselves in such relaTons, the c ubstance a o be endowed with its equivalent form, its property of hat this of value of he properTes o ta thing are not the result of its relaTons to other things, but only s being something wholly different from its soat seems tnd properTes, as being, for instance, coat ­like, we see tbeing directly commodiTes, and by reciTng, with ever renewed saTsfacTon, the catalogue of all possible commodiTes which at one Tme or another have played the part of equivalent. He has not the least suspicion that the most soluTon.e human labour in the abstract, and is at the same Tme the product of some specifically useful concrete labour. This concrete labourbody of the commodity that serves as the equivalent, figures as the materialisaTon of hand the coat ranks as nothing but the embodiment of abstract human labour becomes, therefore, the medium for expressing abstra...
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