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Stem Cell - Arjun Patel Bio Discussion Paper Stem cells In...

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Arjun Patel Bio Discussion Paper- Stem cells In this article, the idea of stem cell research is discussed. In my opinion I believe that stem cell research is great idea. Stem cell research not only benefits science but individuals in need of help. Stem cells can be generated to be any type of cell which is why it is very useful. Nerve cells can not be regenerated once damaged, but with stem cells they can be replaced with new nerve cells. People who have injured their spines are in great pain and most have lost motor functions due to the damage. I feel that using stem cells from embryos is fine because the embryo isn’t an actual human yet. There are numerous women everyday that are having abortions; I feel that those fetuses should be used for stem cell research instead of just being aborted. This would end the controversy over creating embryos just for stem cell research. The embryos will already have been created and be put to use to save a life.
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