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Unformatted text preview: ically diverse plant species DO support more insects For more photos, info on field courses, and research opportunities, go to: www.ksr.utoronto.ca 7 8 Johnson et al. 2005, Ecol. Lett. 9: 24‐34 What is the mechanism? • Genotypes in mixture react additively • Genotypes in mixture interact non‐additively Additivity: Non‐additive: Genotypes are independent Properties of a genotype depend on surrounding genotypes Predator abundance on a genotype in monoculture = abundance on that genotype in polyculture Abundance of predators on a genotype in monoculture do not predict abundances in polycultures Communities: the whole is the sum of the parts Total Arthropods Communities: the whole is either greater or less than the sum of the parts Predators Omnivores 9 Johnson et al. 2005, Ecol. Lett. 9: 24‐34 10 - open circles = expected results, from monocultures - omnivores and predators : more omnivores and predators than expected if they were sum of i...
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