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Unformatted text preview: Either alone or in concert • ~ 90 plots of land • Can examine response of communities to: – Fertilizer, time, or both ongoing experiment TO THIS DAY... 160+ years Experiments started in the 1850’s: effects of fertilizer on hay yields 25 http://www.rothamsted.ac.uk/Content.php?Section=Resources&Page=ClassicalExperiments 26 How does fertilization influence species diversity? Silvertown et al. 2006 J. Ecology 94: 801‐814 •Different shades of green: •Boundaries of plots, different vegetation in each plot •No hand weeding necessary 27 clear negative line more resources = less species Silvertown et al. 2009, Ecology Letters 12: 165‐170 28 Why do species diversity and genetic diversity respond in opposite directions? How does fertilization affect genetic diversity? • Fertilizer eliminates a limiting resource of a competitively dominant species • Competitive dominants eliminate ‘weaker’ species • Elimination of ‘weaker’ competitors opens ‘niche space’ for more genotypes of the remaining species • Genotypes of A. odoratum: more dimensions of N, P, K, and Mg to specialize on when fewer species are present For a focal species, Anthoxanthum odoratum Silvertown et al. 2009, Ecology Letters 12: 165‐170 29 more nutrients = increasing genetic diversi...
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