Chainofcausation genotypesdifferintheirarchitecture

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Unformatted text preview: he colonization of other coastal sage scrub species • Two distinct architectual genotypes – Erect – Prostrate 21 Crutsinger et al. 2010, Ecology 91:1237–1243 22 - less light and thus darker soils + habitats underneath (top right) and cooler temp (bottom right) - genetically different conditions of growth - what effect does it have on other species and other plant species? …which in turn affect: Biomass, % cover, species richness of other colonizers Can genetic variation affect otherspecies colonization? • Chain of causation: – Genotypes differ in their architecture – Different architecture alters light, litter layer, temperature, etc. – Differences in light, litter layer, and temperature affect diversity, abundance, and biomass of colonizing species 23 24 tl;dr : different genotypes have predictable effects on biomass, cover, and richness of species growing underneath them 4 19/03/2013 1 final example: • Add N, P, K, Mg Rothamsted Research Station, U.K. ...
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