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Questiondotheseeffectsholdforgenetic diversity

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Unformatted text preview: that are more genetically diverse able to support more insects? Question: Do these effects hold for GENETIC Diversity? • Approach: Grow groups of either monocultures or polycultures of plants • Monoculture: only 1 genotype present. – Repeated for 8 separate genotypes. • Polyculture: Mixtures of either 4 genotypes or 8 genotypes 5 • Measure: – Number (& id) of herbivores – Number (& id) of omnivores – Number (& id) of predators • Tests: – Do more diverse plots contain greater richness or diversity of species? – Mechanism: Is this due to sampling, or interactions among gentoypes? 6 8 replicates: remove skewing of results from one advantageous genotype - could be pure sampling effect ; more genotypes = more / less attractive - could be interactions between genotypes ; mutualistic vs. antagonistic 1 19/03/2013 Experiment performed at UofT’s Koffler Scientific Reserve (Newmarket) more genet...
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