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Unformatted text preview: ts parts (non-additive interactions taking place) - relationship of PAIRS of individuals - wikipedia Why is the whole > sum of the parts? • Plant genotypes differ in nutritional qualities, growth, defensive compounds, flowering phenologies • More diverse patches: … spatial and temporal more niches for insects Zostera marina they • Once insects find a patch …. may be more likely to stay and visit other genotypes nearby 11 • Marine sea grass • Important habitat in estuaries • Plays a key role in productivity of shallow water marine ecosystems 12 - lot of places to hide and diverse food source 2 compare what happens beds of seagrass that are diverse vs. not diverse: - y-axis : # of shoots of seagrass - x-axis : time - open circles = reference plots - a) clipping (lowering density of shoots) - b) natural disturbance (bloom of algae) 19/03/2013 in short: polycultures respond faster - y-axis : time taken to recover - monocultures under heavy disturbance take a lot longer to get back to pre-disturbance density (45 weeks, 8~9 months vs. 5 months) Polycultures recover from severe disturbance faster Natural (controls) Distur...
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