HI 18 - Chapter 18 1) The Crisis of the French Monarchy a)...

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Chapter 18 1) The Crisis of the French Monarchy a) The whole revolution began when the monarchy had to gather the French Estates General to search for adequate revenues. b) The Monarchy Seeks New Taxes i) The dispute between the monarchy and the aristocracy led to the growing debt of France. ii) The aristocracy joined with the wealthy professional and commercial class and used the language of liberty and reform to defend their case. iii) The moral integrity of the monarchy was hurt because of the scandalous acts of some of the kings, which was diff. from what others kings were seen as. c) Necker’s Report i) The French debt grew when they helped America defend themselves against Great Britain. ii) Jacques Necker realized that all of the debt was to help America and to pay the aristocrats and royal court favorites, but this angered the nobles and he left office. d) Calonne’s Reform Plan and the Assembly of Notables i) Calonne was the minister of finances and wanted to encourage internal trade, lower some taxes, and introduce a new land tax to everyone. ii) He called together the Assembly of Notables, but they refused support for his plan. e) Deadlock and the Calling of the Estates General i) Louis replaced Calonne with Lomenie but he too realized that the land tax was a good idea, so he began to revise that idea. ii) The nobles tried to get some of the power that they used to have back by refusing to give the government loans, Necker came back to being financial minister. 2) The Revolution of 1789 a) The Estates General Becomes the National Assembly i) When the Estates convened, they began to clash with each other. ii) The First Estate was the clergy, the 2 nd was the nobility, and the 3 rd was everyone else in the kingdom. iii) The 3 rd estate was determined to not let the other estates choose what’s best for the nation. iv) Debate over Organization and Voting (1) To quiet the 3 rd estate, they decided to have an equal amount of representatives and that each estate had one vote. (2) The 3 rd estate experienced carious forms of political and social discrimination from the nobility. v) Doubling the Third
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HI 18 - Chapter 18 1) The Crisis of the French Monarchy a)...

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