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Arjun Patel Bio discussion: Aids The AIDs/ HIV epidemic is increasing daily. This is because there is no vaccine against the virus and people are not taking preventative measures to prevent it. The article it tells about the different problems for making a vaccine. I believe the biggest problem is that the vaccine is just a weakened form of the virus which still has the same tendencies of the actual virus and that it can replicate and change the sequence and then the person would not be protected against the new sequence. I believe that another reason why drug companies won’t invest in a vaccine is because all the drugs and treatments for the virus will be unnecessary so they won’t be making profit from all the drugs and treatments. If they created a vaccine then there would be no need for all the drugs and treatments. I don’t think that the high cost of the vaccine will let only rich people get the vaccine because insurance will cover it and as time goes on the price will go down due to
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Unformatted text preview: mass production. I think that the testing will be negative for a vaccine. This is because most people who believe have the vaccine will increase their sexual tendencies because they will believe they are protected. This will mess up the results of the testing due to peoples sexual tendencies because if more people will have sex unprotected they have an increased risk of catching the disease. Also if a person catches the virus from the vaccine then major lawsuits will be placed by the person. I believe that the relevance of the black plague immunity and AIDs immunity could result in a strong connection in finding the vaccine for the virus. People who are immune to the virus and find out would increase their sexual activity. I believe that people don’t care much about the virus and don’t know much about it is the reason why people have unprotected sex. People don’t know the serious effects form the virus as well as other STI’s....
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