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Genetic Engineering iref=newssearch In this article, it talks simply about how scientists were able to genetically modify grass so that the allergens that caused hay fever were eliminated. Genetic engineering has caused much controversy around the world. Some people say that genetic engineering is defying god’s work because god did not intend to create animals or plants that way. Others say that it will lead to mankind’s destruction because there is no evidence on the effects on the environment and on humans. The third category in which I am a part of is the people who believe that genetic engineering is fine for food and research for medicine. In my opinion I see nothing wrong with genetic engineering because it has shown no harm to the environment in anyway so far that has been proven. Genetic engineering began in the 1980s and still goes on till this day. Genetic engineering brings about positive such as no allergies which was demonstrated in the article. The scientists
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Unformatted text preview: genetically modified the grass with no negative side to be effects shown and the result was no allergens in the grass. This article shows that genetic engineering gives off positive effects for man kind. The article only demonstrates a small change for man kind which is not having hay fever but the bigger picture is a cure for disease. The drug insulin back in the 1980s and people who have used and still use the drug have no negative side effects from the drug itself. Imagine if insulin wasnt created how many people would have died. Eventually if genetic engineering is expanded and given enough time, there can be cure for things such as caner for HIV. Drugs are the most vial reason for genetic engineering but another reason is for food. When scientists genetically engineer food they are able to eliminate bacteria to develop and able to preserve the freshness longer. Also with genetic engineering, food becomes relatively cheaper....
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