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Global warming - The reason for all this global warming is...

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Arjun Patel Bio Discussion Section 10 Global Warming Global warming is affecting the world significantly. Ever year the tides are rising as well as temperatures. This results in destruction of plants and other wildlife more and more every year. For us as people is rise in energy costs and rise in cost of food. The rise in tides and the effects of global warming increase the tide a few mm a year and a few degrees a year. This doesn’t have an immediate effect but when we look at a century of time that mm and few degrees adds up to a lot.
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Unformatted text preview: The reason for all this global warming is from people using fossil fuels and polluting the environment which causes global warming. For us to prevent global warming from further hurting us I think that we should take further precautionary measures by creating laws and regulations which have stricter penalties. This would ensure some type of change because the stricter penalties would make people respect the laws and regulations....
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