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DNA sampling

DNA sampling - DNA sampling is many down sides as well...

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Arjun Patel Bio Discussion section 26 Discussion 2 DNA sampling in my mind has advantages and disadvantages. The main up side to get samples for people who get arrested is that there will always be a solid record of them. If fingerprints get messed up or do not come out right the DNA sample will be solid evidence. Also fingerprinting isn’t put into a national data base in which all higher authorities can view. DNA samples will be put into its own index and those officals will have access to them. This helps the issue of identifing criminals that have escaped and have been caught in other states.
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Unformatted text preview: DNA sampling is many down sides as well. Because there is already a backlog of DNA sampling to be processed by the FBI. At this time there hasn’t been much of a flow of DNA sampling and if every arrest has to be sampled the flow will increase tremendously. Also the cost of DNA sampling isn’t cheap so all the expenses will be put back on to the people. The illegal immigrants will be categorized into criminals rather than just illegal immigrants and when results are released it will show that most criminals are of latino/ mexican decent....
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