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GMO - genetically modified organisms are bad and should be...

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Arjun Patel Bio Discussion- Genetically modified Organisms This article discusses the controversy over genetically modified organisms. In my own opinion I feel that it is fine to genetically modify foods for better production and efficiency. Genetically modified foods help us create food that is cheaper and at the same time more resistant to disease. In the future I believe that genetically modified organisms can help give immunity to diseases such as cancer or AIDs. This would help the world in a greatly because people wouldn’t have to worry about disease because their food would help them be immune to it. Also in the article it mentions how people are oblivious to science and especially to genetics. People who are uneducated about the subject matter shouldn’t say that
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Unformatted text preview: genetically modified organisms are bad and should be tested. Also in the article it mentions how almost all food is in some way genetically modified. If people have been eating all these genetically modified foods for this long without the approval from the food and drug association without a problem and without the people knowing so then they shouldn’t complain when they are told about the modified food. People think of genetically modified organisms as a way of manipulating things in nature in a negative aspect. But in reality, genetically modified foods do much more good than harm and with more and more research the bad is being extremely minimized....
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