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Lecture 4 - space-time convergence shrinkage changes...

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Lecture 4: Spatial Behavior And Interaction I. Contact Between Places A. Three Domains in Human Geography - movement between places - movement of people - commodity B. Interaction Shows Distance Decay - any measure of separation between places - fundamental principle interactions inclines w/ distance First law of geography - everything is related to everything else, but closer things are more related than distant things - decline rate slower - exponentially graphical (decreasing) Distance is a cost of some type - distance has a friction - people are more knowledgeable/familiar/interested w/ closer places II. Modification to Distance Decay A. Barriers - prevent/ slow down interaction - redirection Classes 1. physical 2. social/ cultural 3. psychological B. Networks: Nodes and Links Nodes – places/points connected by links - spatial interaction facilitated - hierarchy of nodes
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C. Effects on Technological Development - decrease friction of distance
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Unformatted text preview: - space-time convergence ( shrinkage)- changes pattern of interaction- globalization III. Gravity Models A. Intro to Computational Modeling In Geography- represent part of system and their relationships Mathematical equations/ programs Simulation- simplified representation- critical- sometimes simplifications almost absurd Reality is very complex- simplification = tool used to break down that complexity ( understand complexity = don’t consider it complex) Principle of Parsimony- tenant of scientific philosophy- means simplest explanation that works = best- output of simulation = observations of reality ( differential & simulation) B. Simple Gravity Model- interaction between places 2 simple factors- distance- places ( attractiveness) * some places attract people regardless of distance Formulas: C. Retail Gravitational Models Reillys Breaking Point Model- boundary between two functions Formula:...
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Lecture 4 - space-time convergence shrinkage changes...

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