World population bomb 1830 1930 doubled from 1 2

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Unformatted text preview: enerate power. World Population Bomb 1830 - 1930 doubled from 1-2 billion people nearly doubled again by 1970 by 2006 ~ 6.3 billion In 2010 ~ 7 billion By 2050 ~ 9.5 billion by 2100 ~12 billion resources can’t keep pace with population. Population Concerns The U.S. Census Bureau estimates that by 2050, no. of people on Earth ≈ 9.5 billion, or ~ 40% greater than it was in 2010. Figure 1-4 Human Population Blasts Off Global Resource Consumption Variation Figure 1-6 Worldly Goods: The possessions of a family in rural India (a) and suburban England (b). Families around the world vary tremendously in the quantity of resources they use. Hence, population alone is not a complete indicator of humankind’s environmental impact. Energy - an Important Resource Average citizen of U.S. uses 20x as much energy in a year as a citizen of Ghana, and 46x as much energy as a citizen of Bangladesh. Even as growth rate of the human population slows (but number still increases), consumption patterns, including energy, will become an ever more significant aspect of human environmental impact. Figure 1-7 Relative Energy Consumption per Person for Selected Countries Sustainability Critical concept in environmental studies and one that we will use as a measure throughout Living with Earth. Capable of being continued with minimal longterm effect on the environment. Figure 1-3 Many Natural Resources Can Be Sustained On farms like this experimental agricultural station in Peru, methods are carefully chosen to help maintain soil quality. 1Sustainability: “meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs”. 1http://www.epa.gov/sustainability Problems with Sustainability Living resources such as forests, fish, and soils are being used faster than they can be naturally replenished. Minerals, oil and ground water are being extracted without concerns for their limits or need to recycle. How to Achieve Sustainability in the Future Human population is using land, depleting resources, and lowering environmental quality a...
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