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Week 1 Study Guide What is sociology ? -Sociology is the study of human behavior in social groups. EX: key institutions such as a university, the workplace, or other social setting. What is the sociological imagination ? -Sociological Imagination is the connection of personal experiences to larger societal ones. EX: Divorce= For instance, the economy is a societal trend that may influence marriage. -Sociological Imagination is one of the founding concepts of the study of sociology. Who coined the phrase sociological imagination? -C. Wright Mills coined the phrase sociological imagination. -Mills was an innovator during his time in the late 1940’s
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Unformatted text preview: and early 1950’s.-One of the most prestigious awards in the study of sociology is the C. Wright Mills Award. What is the definition of a natural science ? -Natural Science is the study of physical features and how they interact and change. What is the definition of a social science ?-Social Science is the study of features of humans and how they interact or change. What is problematic about the common sense approach to the study of society? -A common sense approach to the study of society and sociology is that it is not scientifically valid....
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