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Hydrograph at conduit vs diuse site response at

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Unformatted text preview: What might control this [email protected]? (hint: two part answer) Bexar County, Texas Part 1 – Structural [email protected] Part 2 - weathering Which will weather faster? image  2Corner P hoto dge joints lat ith labels 1b - b. E of c. F wface a. granite Part 2 – [email protected] weathering is enhanced along joints/fractures Speleo – caves them - thing Speleothems – them things that grow in caves (i.e., cave mineral deposits) Type of cave [email protected] Ideal stalagmites Boch et al. (2011) Variable vs. constant growth axis Cruz et al. (2006) How do speleothems reflect climate? what proxy is used to interpret past climate? How does a speleothem form? •  Water (rain) •  Transport of dissolved calcite (CaCO3) into the cave •  [email protected] of calcite in the cave Speleothem [email protected] 1. Water dissolves CO2 2. Carbonic acid dissolves limestone bedrock 3. Dissolved calcite is re- precipitated in the cave What controls the amount of speleothem grow? Water supply (drip rate) is control on speleothem growth What controls water supply (drip rate)? •  Rainfall –  Amount of infi[email protected] •  Flow path –  Conduit –  Diffuse Diffuse flow Conduit flow Groundwater flow velocity of: cm/day km/day After Mahler (2004) km/day cm/day What would a hydrograph look like at a conduit site? Hydrograph – @me series of water flow What would a hydrograph look like at a diffuse site? Hydrograph at conduit vs. diffuse site Response at conduit vs....
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