Through which would more water inltrate which would

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Unformatted text preview: ear clothes, hiking shoes (no sandals), and backpack that can/will get muddy –  Cave is 70oF, with rela@ve humidity of 95% –  Bring clean change of clothes & plas@c garbage bag to put muddy clothes into Green Fee Drajs •  Hard copy due 12:50 on Friday Mueller – stream restora@on Compacted •  Soil compac@on –  What are the hydrologic benefits of having loose (uncompacted) soil? Through which would more water infiltrate? Which would cause more runoff? Which could store more water? Explain why Not compacted Mueller – stream restora@on •  Soil compac@on –  What natural processes loosen soil? Alleviate source of compac@on Reconstructing past climate! EVS 311! February 20th, 2013" Objec@ves You will be able to: •  List desirable characteris@cs of climate archives •  Describe how speleothems reflect past clim...
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