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E glacial abrupt events data for climate model

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Unformatted text preview: ate •  Explain how climate [email protected] can be informed by modern studies What is global warming? What is causing global warming? How do we know this? Global annual temperature anomaly Anomaly = [email protected] – mean ([email protected] from average [email protected]) Measurements of CO2 from bubbles trapped in ice Temperature (oC) [email protected] to 1961- 1990 average Hockey [email protected] Graph Temperature reconstructed from climate archives IPCC, 2001 Measured temperature Reasons to study past climate •  Characterizing natural climate [email protected] on long- term @me scales •  Ability to improve understanding of climate processes under different [email protected] (i.e., glacial, abrupt events) •  Data for climate model [email protected] IPCC, 2001 Climate archive •  Geologic deposit that preserves [email protected] useful for [email protected] aspects of past climate What aspects of past climate can we reconstruct? –  Air and water temperature –  Rainfall –  Seawater salinity –  Water levels –  [email protected] types –  Atmospheric CO2 [email protected] Lake and marine sediment cores What are examples of...
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