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Unformatted text preview: 1202 Unit15 16 : I. Fill in the action verb with the correct forms/tense as indicated. If you use the correct kanji for the verb, you will get extra point. x h exampleF formal form (masu-form): F kanji: F F F stand informal (dictionary) form: F formal negative form: 8 x formal past tense: x 8 formal past-negative:~ F 8 x informal negative form: F informal past tense: informal past-negative: 8 ~x F II. Complete the conversation. Write the correct phrase in the box. *Study with the discourse on pg. 163 and the discourse between pg. 178 and 179. One of these discourses is on this section. The other one is for the oral test. III. Answer the following question in Japanese. Q * A (*State your intention that you "intend NOT to" or "do NOT intend to" go school to school. Use .) Examplehanswer) l IV. Combine the following sentences. 1) Modify a noun in the sentence below using the other sentence as the noun modifier (relative clause). MP s Ueda san bought it. Example answer) ? F ~ x 8 I read the book. 2)Use 8 x so that the answer means "When (I) did ~, (I) did ~." I went to bank. Example answer) *x~ -* 3) Use ~ x ~ x ~ He (=Tanaka san) bought a book. Example answer) w ? ? 5 9 I met a college student. so that the answer means "After Mr. Tanaka did ~, (he) did ~." F ~ Tanaka san went to school. 4) Use F ~ x ~ so that the answer means "After father does ~, Mother does ~." F ~ x ~ Father leaves home. Mother sleeps. Example answer) ? 5) Use ~ x so that the answer means "Before my brother did ~, I did ~." ` c F ~ My brother entered a college. I would often played with the brother. Example answer) w ~ ? ? 5 9 V. Read the next paragraph and answer the following questions in English. * Study with the reading section of unit 15 (p.g. 156, 157) VI. Write the appropriate markers in the blanks. 1. F ~ x ~ I'll go to school. =========================================== Extra Points I. Choose the correct pronunciation from the word bank and write the meaning in English. *Study the kanji compounds which you studied for the kanji quiz of unit 14. II. What foreign-loan words do the following katakana words represent? *Study the katakana words which appeared in the katakana quizzes. ...
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