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1202 Unit172 18 2 2 : I. Write in English what the person A and person B said. They are talking on the phone. A. B. A. B. II . Change the action verbs and adjectives so that it means “~ too much.” (If you write the verbs and adjectives using correct kanji, you will get extra points.) example) È Ã| ¹ ª play kanji: È Ã | ¹ ª * “~ too much”: È Ã | ¹ ª * or | ¹ ª * III. Fill in the blank with the correct Japanese words as indicated by the English sentences. You can use the word bank, but as for the verbs, you might need to change the form of the verbs. 1) I put on a helmet on my head. *body partÈ Ã | ¹ ª ˆ ÿ } *verb ˆ ÿ } ¹ Word bank for Body Parts ÈÃ | ¹ ª * ÈÃ | ¹ ª ÈÃ | ¹ ª * ÈÃ | ¹ ª ÈÃ | ¹ ª Word bank for Wearing Verbs ˆ ˆ ˆ ÿ ÈÃ | ¹ ª * ÈÃ | ¹ ª * ˜! b ae + à Ã | ¹ ª * •
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IV. Write the sentence using the words shown. Put the words in a correct order, and add the correct markers in the appropriate places.
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Unformatted text preview: Also, change the tense of the verb if needed. 1) (I) gave a book to my mother. } V. Rewrite the Japanese sentence as indicated. 1) } Mr. Tanaka ate. Mr. Honda said that Mr. Tanaka ate. VI. Make the conversation as indicated. *Study with the Discourse Sample for unit 17 and the discourse on pg. 197 of the textbook. One of these discourses is on this section. The other one is for the oral test. VII. Write the appropriate markers in the blanks. 1. } I go to school. Extra Points ==================================================== I. Choose the correct pronunciation from the word bank and write the meaning in English. *Study the kanji compounds which you studied for the kanji quiz of unit 15 and 16. II. What foreign-loan words do the following katakana words represent? *Study the katakana words which appeared in the katakana quizzes....
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studyguide17_18 - Also, change the tense of the verb if...

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