01 the null hypothesis is rejected because conclude

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Unformatted text preview: effect for factor A is significant. . Therefore, we and then test the 0.01 significance level. (e) State null and alternative hypotheses, Answer) at least one Test statistic, Critical value, At significance level .01, the null hypothesis is rejected because conclude that the main effect for factor B is significant. . Therefore, we (f) Suppose you refit the data without the two-factor interaction term. Obtain the new ANOVA table. Source A df 2 SS 11,573.38 MS 5786.69 B 4 17,930.09 4482.52 Error Total 38 44 6450.84 35,954.31 169.76 and Also, compared to the table in (b), please note that f MSA/MSE = 34.08 MSB/MSE = 26.41 NA and (g) Using the additive model, make a recommendation of the levels of the factors needed to maximize the response (compressive strength of concrete cylinder)? According to this recommendation, what is your estimated compressive strength of concrete cylinder? Answer) Based on ̂ ̅ ̅ and ̂ ̅ ̅ , one can expect that the maximum strength can be obtained when factor A is at level 1 and factor B is at level 2. ̂ The estimated strength, ̂ ̂̂ ̅ ̅ ̅ ̅ ̅ ̅ ̅ ̅ 7 of 7...
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