The model is an additive model answer d s are assumed

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Unformatted text preview: dditive model. ANSWER: D ‟s are assumed independent and normally distributed with mean 0 and variance (cf. p. 421) . 9. Which of the following statements is not true? A. In a two-factor experiment there are I levels of one factor and J levels of the other factor. When there are more than one observation for each pair of the IJ combinations of levels of 2 of 7 IOE 366 Fall 2012 Practice the two factors, a valid estimator of the random error variance 2 cannot be obtained without assuming additivity. B. In a two-factor experiment, additivity means that the difference in true average responses for any two levels of one of the factors is the same for each level of the other factor. C. The parameters for the fixed effects model with interaction are the effect of factor A at level i, the effect of factor B at level j, and the interaction of factor A at level i and factor B at level j. Thus, the model is i...
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