Thus the model is ij i j ij this model is additive

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Unformatted text preview: j i j ij . This model is additive if and only if ij 0 for all (i, j). D. In an additive model for a two-factor experiment, SST=SSA+SSB+SSE. ANSWER: A When , a valid estimator of can be obtained without assuming additivity. (cf. p.433 for A, p. 422 for B, p. 433 for C, p. 424 for D) 10. The transformation of the dependent variable y and the transformation of the independent variable x are used to linearize the function . Then, then transformed linear equation will be . Please write out the transformed variables in terms of the original variables. ANSWER: Taking natural logarithms twice, Letting , , becomes , and , 3 of 7 , IOE 366 Fall 2012 Practice Part 2. Computational problems Problem 1. An experiment is conducted in order to assess the potential of unburnt colliery spoil as a medium for plant growth. The variables are x=acid extractable ca...
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