Also theory does not cause a crime it explains the

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Unformatted text preview: You need to discuss it as such. a news article doesn’t display two theories, but it might help us see how theories can operate through events. Also, theory DOES NOT cause a crime, it explains the causes of the crime (though its particular theoretical lens). Theory is an interpretive framework, write about it as such! 2. Some of you were discussing your theories but not at all linking it to your crime event or policy (this is very important) 3. Assume that I am college educated, but have never learned about the theories you are using in your paper • You don’t have to define every major concept we used • BUT…Define every last word you use in your paper that extends beyond the common vocabulary. o For example: “Social disorganization” is not something you can introduce without discussing what it means both to the theory and in the...
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