I just want to get a sense that you understand the

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Unformatted text preview: way you are applying it. o Even words that do not extend beyond the common vocabulary, but mean special things in a given theory—e.g., space and place in the Chicago School—need to be explained. DEFINE DEFINE DEFINE! If you don’t know what it means, do not use it. OR better yet, figure it out! I just want to get a sense that you understand the theory you are using 4. THE THESIS STATEMENT • Your thesis statement should offer which theories you are using and reference directly your crime event. • • Your thesis should tell me EXACTLY what you are arguing in your paper. Your thesis should include: your chosen theory(ies) and what you are arguing about them. Are you using them to help us gain insight into a particular crime? Are you using a crime to tell us about the strengths and weaknesses of your theories when it comes to interpreting crime? Are you trying to design a policy SPECIFICALLY from the perspective of your theory. o I am grading you on your ability to think critically about and apply a theory. Your paper is about the theory. Make your argument and thesis about the THEORY. 5. You can make assumptions about your crime event (that you don’t know) based on the crime cause, etc. in order to be more strategic at applying your theories If you don’t know the class of the criminal, but want to infuse a discussion of class into your analysis (IE: to support a discussion of conflict theory), you can make that leap. The only thing I am fact checking is your application of the theories, and making sure you aren’t plagiarizing....
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